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Jeep update

by on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

After a struggle with getting some electrical bugs worked out with my Jeep I think I finally have it ready for the year of wheeling. Thinking i had a short somewhere that was draining the battery I spent a lot of time tracing wires to not find any issues. Come to find out the battery had a major issue.

Then I had the task of replacing my spare that had a slight major hole in the sidewall. Only to find out that the price of tires have been jumping faster than the fuel prices. Sheesh will it ever end. I put the father-in-law up to the task of locating a suitable replacement at the Jefferson, Wis spring swap meet. He found me one with a little less than half tread for a mind boggling $5. Yes only $5! What a find.

Just waiting for June and the fathers day run at the cliffs.

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