Testing Again

by Pertneer on June 29th, 2011

So this morning I get this email from my ISP. “Great news! We’ve increased your Internet speed again! ” So I decide to see just how much it has improved. Being the Geek that I am, I decided to verify their claim. I start off with doing a before and after scenario. Here is the before result:
And the after:
from 20 to over 24 Mbps. Hey WOW they did improve the bandwidth! They also stated “Now the download speed on your Performance Internet Service is over 25% faster!* ” Seems a little shy of this though, but in their defense the * says it all. “*New download speed will be up to 15 Mbps. ” Why can’t they ever increase my upload speed. I mean am I the only one that upload lots of pictures and video to the internet? Give me some more bandwidth so I can spend more time creating the videos and pictures than uploading them. Sheesh!
I guess I will not complain to much, it is better than 98% off the US.

Being the geek I am I also know that bandwidth is not the only indication of connection quality, so on to the other test.
The connection quality also plays a big part in how fast your speed is. If packets are lost or the noise on the line is above acceptable levels no bandwidth speed would ever matter. So here is mine:

With an acceptable level for VoIP being under 100 ms for jitter, at 2ms you cannot ask for anything much better. This link should help you to understand line quality.

Sometimes just restarting your modem can pay off with your internet experience.

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