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Jeep fuel problems

by on Saturday, March 30th, 2013

The old Jeep has been having some major fuel delivery issues among other things. In the last couple of days I have worked on some of these issues.

I started with the fuel pressure regulator, because it was not holding adequate pressure. To get the the regulator you need to start with moving the upper intake to the side a little bit for easy access. Starting from the top you need to remove the cover to get access to the bolts that hold it on.

Then you remove the six bolts that hold the upper intake onto the lower intake. (more…)

Air compressor update

by on Monday, March 25th, 2013

In my previous post  I stated that i was going to try to rebuild this instead of buying a new one. After tearing it apart and trying to remove the sleeve I noticed that it was cast in place. By this I mean the steel sleeve had the aluminum housing cast around it. There was no way to press out the old sleeve with out destroying the casting itself. So I looked to see if I could find a larger piston with no luck. I then waited for a comparable compressor to go on sale. This past week this finally happened. So instead of rebuilding my compressor I am replacing it with a new one.

I am however not simply replace the entire thing. What I am doing is somewhat of an upgrade. I removed all items from the top of the old tank and plugged all unnecessary holes so I can keep the tank plumbed in to add more volume of air to the system.

Stay tuned for pictures of the plumbing of the two tanks together and the final conclusion.

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