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Beadlocks | Loosing Air

by on Friday, April 18th, 2014

Initially when I made my beadlocks I did not have any issue with them holding air for long periods of time. Then I used for what i intended, running low air pressure and wheeling in the middle of nowhere. Since them I have been plagued with one or more tire loosing air at varying rates. Today I have done a test to see what help the most.

Since my beadlocks have 32 bolts around the edge of the wheel I found that it takes a lot of time to remove them all. So I spent a little time finding a new tool to help with this. I didn’t want to use an impact because it is a little heavy and the hose hangs up on everything in the driveway. So I found an adapter to hold a 3/8 socket in my drill. Since I didn’t have any and have been looking for a new tool to try I make the excuse to justify the purchase. Not hard to do when the wife is out of town. (more…)

Jeep fuel problems | Update

by on Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Decided to do some deep diagnostics on the fuel issue today since spring has sprung.

Since the fuel pump was able to bring the pressure up to the correct amount I had a wild guess to just drop the tank and see if there was an issue with the pickup. As I lowered the tank from the frame I noticed with enough certainty that I had discovered the issue. First off the tank was full, yep totally full. Not easy to take the tank out with all of that gas in it, but the it was needed to be able to get to the issue.fuel_line2 It seams that ever since I first put the tank in after totally rebuilding it I overlooked the fact that you must not let the fuel line get pinched between the tank and the body tub. I believe that the tube, when it was new, was strong enough to remain open and not cause an issue when it was new, now add 5 – 10 years and this hose could no longer remain open long enough to provide the amount of fuel needed to run the 5.0 for anymore then a few seconds at a time.


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