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by Pertneer on January 10th, 2015

After not having access to be able to machine any new parts for myself and not wanting to have to pay someone to make something that I can make myself, I am feeling the need to step up to another CNC machine. Since I cannot make the parts myself I am having to resort to searching for one to buy.

I have been searching for one for quite some time. Since not having a large budget I have had to make some concessions. It needed to be able to upgrade myself later if I needed to go bigger. It needed to be a robust design that could stand up to machining aluminum as well as other types of projects like wood, plastic, and vinyl.

There are many on the market, but the biggest hurdle is I want to reuse the electronics off of my plasma table to save a large amount of money. With this in mind it would need to utilize the CandCNC electronics. What I would need to do is buy an extra set of steppers. Well at least two of them, since I still have one that is intended for the 4th axis on the plasma that has yet to get finished, which also needs parts made to get complete. Buying the steppers would make the switch back and forth just a matter of unplugging one set of steppers and plugging in the others.

What I found to be the best candidate is the Bulldog CNC Router by Precision plasma. There have been a couple of people that I am familiar with that have shown a build based on this router and after speaking with them I feel this is my best choice. Most of my research was done almost a year ago and since then they have taken the information about the machine off of the Precision Plasma site. After a few email to various people I ended up getting in contact with the owner of Precision Plasma and found out that they created a site dedicated to the Bulldog CNC Router. I had searched Google many times to find a site myself and knowing that the more site that link to it the easier it would be for others to find. This is the main purpose for this article.

IMG_7Clicking the image will take you to there site.

Stay tuned to see what I have planned for this in the future if this comes to light.

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