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Dana 44 Diff Cover

by on Sunday, May 17th, 2015

While the carrier was on its way I decided that I would try to make a new Diff Cover for he Dana 44 axle. I had searched previously to find a DXF file with good enough dimensions to cut on the CNC Plasma. Since the cover was off and I had time I just created the file myself. I placed the stock cover on my weld table and used a scribe to outline the existing cover and the placement of the holes. Once I was comfortable with the markings, I proceeded to measure and draw it in CAD. The outline was fairly simple, but the holes tend to not be so easy. First off the tolerance of the stock cover was all over the place. So I first cut this into a thin sheet of steel to save on the cost of checking the dimension I took. After an initial trial, I discover that two hole were just far enough off that you could start all the others and just slightly off to start the bolt. On the thicker material I decided the easiest way to fix this was to open the hole size up to .375 from .34 and all the bolt fit with out an issue. (more…)

Next Project?

by on Saturday, January 10th, 2015

After not having access to be able to machine any new parts for myself and not wanting to have to pay someone to make something that I can make myself, I am feeling the need to step up to another CNC machine. Since I cannot make the parts myself I am having to resort to searching for one to buy.

I have been searching for one for quite some time. Since not having a large budget I have had to make some concessions. It needed to be able to upgrade myself later if I needed to go bigger. It needed to be a robust design that could stand up to machining aluminum as well as other types of projects like wood, plastic, and vinyl. (more…)

CNC Plasma | Xbox 360 Controller

by on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

I was browsing the internet today searching for a way to control my CNC Plasma without having to spend a fortune. I came across a plugin that allowed me to use an Xbox 360 controller to run my machine. Now since my machine uses Mach 3 software and CandCNC hardware, I was skeptical as to the success of this plugin, but not enough to try it for myself. I looked into the CandCNC pendent control, but at $200+ it was a little out of the price range for the need. After all this is for convenience and not necessary. At that is what I though at first, but more on that later.

To install this you will need to find a couple of items. (more…)

Hypertherm Logo

by on Sunday, October 26th, 2014

After Acquiring the Hypertherm logo from Jim Colt, I cut a version of it to place on my table.



Jeep fuel Problems | Conclusion

by on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

In my last post I started to figure out what the issue was with fuel leaking when the Jeep was running. What I found was the the return line was leaking right next to the sending unit. linesAfter taking out the tank twice in the last month for fuel related issues, I came to the conclusion that I should have replaced both fuel lines when I had it out the first time. Hind site is always 20/20. What I did do was create an access point in the back of the Jeep so I can easily get the sending unit without having to drop the tank every time. It did only take me a couple of hours, but it could have easily been fixed on the trail if I would have had the access panel. I will add pictures of the access panel to this post when I get it completed. I only cut the opening while the tank was out. I will add the hinge and the latch later this week.

Jeep fuel problems | more issues

by on Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Since my last update I have encountered some more fuel issues. This time a leak. I have not investigated it yet, but here is the issues that I see. When the Jeep is running fuel is pouring out by the gas tank. When it is not running it does not spill a drop. Since it runs fine and does not have a sputter at all I have to assume it is in the return line at the tank. Since I recently had this apart and had to repair the return line fitting on the sending unit I have to assume it was not a good fix or has failed in some way. Once I get the tank removed I will add more content as to the fix I come up with or what I had to do to get it to quick leaking. (more…)

Clutch Modification

by on Saturday, June 7th, 2014

I attached my Gopro camera to the under side of my Jeep so I could see how much deflection I could see with this new set up.


by on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Sure I know you have seen a million posts about how Jeep steering is very lacking in the control aspect. This is not one of those posts! My steering issues stem from a worn out steering column and as you will find out, a previous owner tried to “fix”. I have that in quotes for a reason. Only after looking at a schematic and figuring out that someone added a washer under the spring that did little, if not cause more issues than before. Because of their bad modification I had to try to come up with something myself. (more…)

Clutch Finally

by on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

So after a failed trip to the local Napa store I resorted to searching the internet for some more ideas. After not finding what I was looking for I remembered an old set of Stainless steel brake lines that I has on the Jeep at one time.


You can also get the line from Advance Adapters to mate directly to the slave too. You can get it in a 42″ or a 60″ length.

I had purchased then ten years ago and changed them because I heard of them failing at unpredictable times while off-road. I had to take off the brake collar to attach one to the Advance Adapters clutch adapter, but I will have an extra to keep in the spare parts bag for trail side fixes. They did end up a little short to reach the slave cylinder but I needed a rigid line to mate it to the slave cylinder anyway.

After getting the line hooked up I found that the material I used to make the mount was a little thin. But with using the CNC Plasma to make the mount I just whipped out two more pieces and welded them together to create a 1/2 inch thick piece. This really helped stiffen the whole setup. On to the next project…Steering

Clutch Revisited

by on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

So I worked some more on the Clutch today. The uncomfortable portion up under the dash. This would have been easier if I didn’t have a full cage, The dash was out, and the front seat was not in the way. I pressed through to get this thing done.

First I bolted the YJ master cylinder to the firewall in its original location on the YJ tub. Then the first obstacle presented itself. photo 2Seams they changed the mounting location that attaches the clutch rod through the fire wall when they went to the hydraulic setup. Easy enough to fix, just drill a new hole. Ya, easier said than done. After doing a little research on how the ped927-422al is held into the mount. It was easier to search on the internet than try to see up under the dash while standing on my head! Looked easy enough, Just needed to take off an external snap ring. Keep in mind I am still standing on my head, hanging on with one hand and trying to pry it off with a screw driver. No snap ring pliers. once the snap ring came flying off and I found it in the tall grass. Ya I need to mow. Where are the neighborhood kids when you need them (LOL). Got the hole drilled and put the pedal back into place only to have to try to put on that stupid snap ring with my bare hands. After fifteen minutes and a bloody finger I took a trip to Farm and Fleet to get a set of 927 Retaining ring Pliers. Well worth the money. I have had cheaper brands that just barely allow you to get a snap ring on before they break, yes I said “A” snap ring. It took me like one try to get the snap ring on while upside down under the dash.

photo 1

Now that I have this attached to the pedal all I have left to do is get the line hooked up. With the YJ cylinder I will need a hydraulic fitting to couple the stock master cylinder to 7/16 X 24 inv -3 hose.


This fitting will allow the use of a standard brake line to connect the master to the slave. We shall see.

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier

927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier
927 8″ Convertible Retaining Ring Plier
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