Vehicle check List

by Pertneer on August 12th, 2011

Before any trip you should make sure your rig is up for the challenge. Start with a visual inspection inside and out. Then take a closer look and the inner workings to make sure there is no “hidden” damage that will make your trip shorter than expected.

  • Axles & Differentials – hubs, seals, vacuum lines, shift motors, vent lines, front u-joints
  • Battery – clean terminals, check for damaged or corroded wiring
  • Brakes – drums, rotors, pads/shoes, fluid, hoses, leaks, check e-brake, brake lights
  • Belts & Hoses – look for cracks or bulges
  • Body/Frame – look for cracks
  • Cooling/Heating system – look for leaks, fluid levels, clean and repair fins, check hoses, thermostat, radiator cap
  • Driveline/Transmission – inspect case and shifter, leaks, fluids, universal & cv joints, skid plates
  • Engine – carburetor, fuel injectors, spark plugs, wires, pcv valve, pumps, spark plugs, distributor & wires, belts; check for leaks and cracks
  • Exhaust – muffler, tailpipes
  • Fluids – oil, transmission, brake, radiator coolant, gear oils, wipers, power steering
  • Lights – headlights, brake lights, auxiliary lights; make sure they’re aimed properly
  • Nuts & Bolts – tighten axle u-bolts, lug bolts, nuts
  • Steering – check alignment, fluid level, belts and hoses, pump and reservoir for leaks
  • Suspension – springs, shocks, alignment, wheel bearings, steering linkage
  • Tires – tighten lug nuts, air pressure, tread wear (including your full-size spare), look for cuts and missing chunks
  • Wipers – check for wear, fluid level



How to 4WD vehicle inspection

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