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Clutch update

by on Sunday, May 11th, 2014

I made quite a bit of progress this weekend. I picked up my new slave cylinder this morning from Napa (Part number: NCF 73173).slave First I spent the time to draw up this slave cylinder to make sure I could make an accurate mount without any issues.  It is not a perfect solid model by any means, but the critical dimension are accurate enough that my bracket came out fine.

CNC Plasma | Gantry Upgrade

by on Thursday, January 9th, 2014

This version of the gantry has undergone some changes since its inception. Mostly because I didn’t foresee everything needed to make these changes before i started and had to make some more changes. Others were changed for future plans, while still retaining functionality until the other changes are made. This image is the future version it will finish in. The main difference from what I am doing now is the addition of the second linear rail on the y axis (gantry carrying axis). The other is a lower profile of the gantry itself to allow a better connection between the welded pieces and a overall aesthetics of the gantry itself.

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